DanMcB (ONE-STOP) (has stems)

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Daniel McBrearty : vocals, guitar, keys, tenor sax and horns, arrangement, recording and production
Charles "Chidi" Anya : bass guitar
Tom Lambrecht : drums
Joes Brands (Sputnik Studios, Antwerp): recording
Charly De Pessemier (Flight Case Music, Brussels): mastering

I wrote this song in the 1990s, while visiting my father in the place where I grew up, West Wales. It's a song about feeling rootless, as if you don't really belong anywhere. One hot summer night, I drove to Newgale Beach to walk and run barefoot on the sand. I felt amazingly free. I looked up (the night skies are incredibly clear there), and thought about the satellites beaming their messages into TV here on earth, and of the whole damn planet, every rock and grain of sand, formed of little vibrating atoms, me a part of it. When I got back I picked up the guitar and played that opening riff, then wrote the words that been in my head.

The original recording was part of a live session with drums and acoustic bass, at Sputnik Studio in Antwerp. I built the arrangement up in my home studio, adding horns, BVs and other parts. There is also a more reggae-tinged saxophone instrumental in the works.