NEWS (2 APRIL 21) : very happy to release my “new old” song HARD EDGED LITTLE KISSING – on all streaming platforms, including Spotify:

listen to Hard Edged Little Kissing on Spotify

This one is a “bitter sweet love song” – written many years ago, it was a long time coming! Video of the recording session is below (yes I’m really singing the song in the vid, no miming or other stuff like that).

The song is one of three that were recorded in one afternoon at Sputnik Studios in Antwerp, a while ago now. My friends Tom Lambrecht and Quinten De Vlaminck on drums and contrabass, horns, backing vocals and piano parts added by me later.

I might think of something interesting to write about this song later – for now, just enjoy!

Music gets us through hard times. Songs turn our sorrows into joy.

Music bit me as a teenager, helped me through a tough childhood. It helped me become a much happier person. Music gave me hope, joy, self-respect, and many wonderful friends.

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I’m a singer-songwriter, clarinettist and saxophonist. I’ve been composing, recording and producing original songs, for over thirty years. Recently, I got brave enough to sing them.

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Songs fascinate me. They become tokens between lovers, or symbols of hope, unity and power. I’m immersed in the art and the science of this. So much so that as well as becoming a musician, I became an electronics engineer in the pro-audio industry, fixing, designing and restoring audio gear.

So, on this site, you’ll find some of my music, and also info about my electronics work.

Welcome and thank you so much for passing by. My dream is that one of these songs might make your day happy – or maybe even help you through a tough time. If so – please let me know – that will truly make my day!