Daniel McBrearty Music

Daniel McBrearty

I’ve been creating music for over 40 years, with clarinet, sax, guitar and with my voice. I’m influenced by swing jazz and bebop, blues, soul, and many singer-songwriters.

I’m from West Wales, now I live in Gent in Belgium. I play on the local scene and I’m busy recording and releasing music on my little label, DanMcB Music (that’s the tree logo at the top there).

I’m working on making this site a catalogue of my compositions and recordings – it is still a work in progress. I have some stuff on Bandcamp, Spotify, and YouTube. Please join my mailing list and check back regularly! I’m interested in sync opportunities and most of my music is “One Stop” – I own master and publishing. Hit the contact page and ask me!

I am also an electronics engineer – see my  Linked In page  – and this site also has info about audio things I made, fixed and hacked.

Thanks for coming by!