Daniel McBrearty Music

Daniel looking moody

I write and play music for fun and to stay sane. Mostly saxophone, occasionally clarinet, but I do the singer-songwrtiter thing as well.

I do it for my own satisfaction and pleasure, but if people (you) like it, well, that’s great. I’ve also messed around with making music videos too (but these days I don’t have time), and those you can find on YT (link is at the top).

I have tunes on Spotify and the other streaming services, but now I’ve decided to release on Bandcamp (but as yet there still isn’t much on there). It’s a much better deal for musicians.

If you are a music fan, and you didn’t check out Bandcamp yet, you should! There is a lot of AWESOME music there, you can stream most of it free a few times, and if you pay for an album (typically 10$ or less) most of that goes straight to the artist.

Also – on this site – is some info about audio electronics – battery amps and so on.  I used to have a side business with audio electronics (I did that professionally too) but now not much. But I leave the pages there.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you have fun.