Wouldn’t That Be A Thing

This was written back in January 2019, when the whole thing of kids protesting about climate change was kicking off. It has a kind of protest song vibe to it. I wrote the song and did a pretty quick demo, here it is. Soon I should do a YouTube version.

A month later I performed it live for the first time at a house concert at Very Fine Solutions, that version is on the CD of that name.

I get numb watching the news right now
Rich old white guys do their thing
They don't speak for me anyhow
Wouldn't that be a thing

I don't hold with the things they say
Madness of the king
Hoping change is on the way
Wouldn't that be a thing

And I'm wondering about you right now
All tied up in your own string
I don't get through to you anyhow
Wouldn't that be a thing

It's yesterday's connection now
With a sell by date on the tin
I can't lose myself in that anyhow
Wouldn't that be a thing

I get numb waiting for you right now
Hurting from your own sting
Got my own wounds to clean anyhow
Wouldn't that be a thing

The kids are smarter than the grown ups now
They show the whole damn world something
Maybe change comes along some day now
Wouldn't that be a thing
Wouldn't that be a thing

Review for “So Far From My Home” at www.cultuurpakt.be

Somehow a copy of the new live CD “So Far From My Home” found it’s way to Knopskaya (otherwise known as Veerle Deknopper) who works for Flemish cultural centre “Cultuurpakt”. She has been kind enough to give the CD an excellent (Dutch language) review, which you can find here (link to cultuurpakt.be).

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