A Basic Audio Workbench

To work on audio electronics, you need some test equipment. In this article I discuss what you need and how much you need to spend on it.

My old (about 2015) workbench for audio testing – working here on a Soundcraft mixer module. Quite inexpensive gear, but it worked well.

Old electronic test equipment can now be bought at a very sharp price. Gear which would have cost thousands 15 years ago, is now available for often less than 100€. This is a real bargain – the quality of equipment made by companies like Hewlett Packard and Tektronix back in the 70s and 80s was very high indeed, and it can be more robust than almost anything made today. When you buy it in good condition, it often works as well as it did when new.

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Universal Audio 4110 and Millenia HV-3D Mic Preamp Repairs

I was recently contacted by the owner of a local studio who had two high end microphone preamps (Universal Audio 4110, and Millennia HV-3D), both of which had developed noisy channels. In both cases the channel in question was producing a constant low level crackling sound, making it unusable. Unfortunately I found both manufacturers to be less than helpful in supporting the repair.

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