The MASSCOT Guitar Preamp Compressor Overdrive EQ

MASSCOT stands for Massive Analogue Sound Shaper – Compressor, Overdrive, Tone. It’s a guitar preamp, overdrive, optical compressor and EQ that creates a full, warm sound, as you will only get with top quality analogue circuitry.

At the heart of the MASSCOT is a unique optical compressor – a compressor that always sounds smooth but never pumps, due to the custom-designed control circuitry which uses the characteristics of the optical element to shape the sound. The circuit was designed in the spirit of the great circuit designs of the 50s, 60s and 70s, without being a direct “clone” of any of them. In fact, I went through a lengthy process of trial and error, and then both measuring and listening to the results has given this circuit its unique sound.

Likewise, the Overdrive circuit has a subtlety not found in less sophisticated units. The SOFT setting mimics the subtle, gradual asymmetric break up of classic tube circuits, while the HARD setting gives more “crunch”.

The EQ circuit gives 3 band cut and boost, with the frequencies again perfectly tailored to the needs of the guitarist.

The switching on the MASSCOT is truly silent – that means acoustically silent, as well as electronically. Even if you are playing at low volume (yes some guitar players do!) there will be no annoying “clunk” as you switch.

(There are three such silent switches – one bypasses the whole unit, one switches the overdrive in and out, and one the tone.)

The MASSCOT has already become a favourite for some of Belgium’s finest musicians and recording studios. What makes it so special? Here’s Tom Lodewyckx (Clousseau, Natalia, Ozark Henry …) to demonstrate.


  • a preamp …
  • a studio-grade optical compressor …
  • an overdrive circuit (with two distinct “flavours”) …
  • a 3 band Tone control …
  • … with Electronic True Bypass, a separate Line Out, the “Flip Switch”, and silent switching.
MASSCOT Rear Panel



  • lots of gain (up to 34dB)
  • red/green “Signal” LED makes level setting easy
  • “Electronic True Bypass” uses a silent switch (no annoying mechanical “clunk”, and no electronic “click”)


  • Optical design for classic “warm” sound and ultra low-noise
  • Separate controls for Slope, Threshold, Makeup Gain and Attack – for the utmost in flexibility, like a studio compressor
  • Variable intensity blue LED helps make setup fast and easy
  • Mix control allows “sidechain” operation


  • Two Overdriive circuits in one
  • “Soft” position – like the warmth of an overdriven valve amp
  • “Hard” position – for a more extreme “fuzz” sound
  • “Drive” control sets the amount of overdrive
  • “Volume” allows the overdriven sound to be louder or softer than “straight” – helping your solos have extra impact and “bite”
  • Totally silent electronic bypass switch with indicator LED


  • Classic three band tone control
  • Bass, Mid and Treble frequencies tailored to the range of the guitar
  • Totally silent electronic bypass switch with indicator LED


  • Two Outputs – Line Out (for recording/PA) and Amp Out (with its own volume control)
  • The unique FLIP switch allows order of Compressor and Overdrive to be reversed – for even more subtle control of your sound.
  • Specially designed and built, ultra-rugged steel case
  • Highest quality components used throughout
  • 17.5cm wide, 18.6cm deep, 9cm high
  • About 1.5kg (with power supply)
  • Full Warranty

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