Wouldn’t That Be A Thing

This was written back in January 2019, when the whole thing of kids protesting about climate change was kicking off. It has a kind of protest song vibe to it. I wrote the song and did a pretty quick demo, here it is. Soon I should do a YouTube version.

A month later I performed it live for the first time at a house concert at Very Fine Solutions, that version is on the CD of that name.

I get numb watching the news right now
Rich old white guys do their thing
They don't speak for me anyhow
Wouldn't that be a thing

I don't hold with the things they say
Madness of the king
Hoping change is on the way
Wouldn't that be a thing

And I'm wondering about you right now
All tied up in your own string
I don't get through to you anyhow
Wouldn't that be a thing

It's yesterday's connection now
With a sell by date on the tin
I can't lose myself in that anyhow
Wouldn't that be a thing

I get numb waiting for you right now
Hurting from your own sting
Got my own wounds to clean anyhow
Wouldn't that be a thing

The kids are smarter than the grown ups now
They show the whole damn world something
Maybe change comes along some day now
Wouldn't that be a thing
Wouldn't that be a thing

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