“Summer Love” – classic jazz song

A pretty, romantic song about one of those special summer love affairs that burns brief and bright, and then burns itself right out.

I tried to write this tune in the style of the classic “Great American Songbook” – yes, I was trying to channel Irving Berlin, Richard Rodgers and those great writers.

Many thanks to my friends Ewout Pierreux, Tom Lambrecht and Jasper De Roeck, who played piano, drums and bass on this song.

Summer Love was oh so sweet
Summer Love knocked me off my feet
Summer Love was indiscreet
Goodbye Summer Love

You and I were perfect just
For a sweet July and a hot August
September turned it all to dust
Goodbye Summer Love

Seemed back then for a little while
We were quite the perfect pair
But when it came down, harvest style
There was really nothing, nothing there

So Summer Love, goodbye to you
The sweetest fruit that this year grew
I had my fill and now I'm through
Goodbye Summer Love

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