Lockdown Music Video “Where The Dirty River Flows”

Corona lockdown has left me some time to finally finish a video I started work on last year. The song is an old one, a kind of poem about the tension between our busy lives, the need to be always producing, and having time to feel compassion and empathy.

Music videos have been a bit of a challenge that I’ve been digging into in the last year. For this one I decided to use some old footage from American public information videos which is now public domain. There are some beautiful images in there, and it was fun to find them.

Bathing girls from a 50’s film about Oklahoma

Putting it all together was quite a work, I have so much to learn about this. It’s also made me start to see film through new eyes.

“Poor old agricultural – worrying over yields”

I hope you enjoy the song.

Wishing you a safe and well Corona lockdown!

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