Gonna Lay Down All My Troubles

I wrote this song in about 2011 or so. I was studying musical arranging online with Berkeley College of Music, and this song came out of that. I think I’d been listening to Peter Green/Fleetwood Mac’s classic “Need Your Love So Bad” and there is just a little touch of that in this I think. It came together really fast – I think I wrote and recorded it in an afternoon. This is the same version. I got my friend Tom Lambrecht to record some drums for it (we did it on one mic!) and the rest is just mixing and a bit of production.

The video was another thing. I tried making a mime video for it, which kind of sucked. This video is comprised of two clips which I got at royalty-free site pexel.com. The long one of the dude getting up and getting dressed is by “cottonbro” who has a video studio in St Petersburg. The girl walking through the flowers is by Pavel Danilyuk. I’m really grateful to these two artists for giving their work so freely.


I’m gonna lay down all my troubles
I’m gonna let them slip away
I’m gonna count up all the good things
I’m gonna count them every day

I’m gonna waste no time in crying
Whenever things don’t go my way
I’m gonna call out for my baby
She’s gonna take my pain away

Well, I feel it in the morning
Well, I feel it every night
Well, I feel it every moment
Everything will be alright

I’m gonna lay down all my troubles
I’m gonna lay down all my fears
I’m so tired of being a wanderer
I’m gonna make my home right here
I’m gonna rest my head right here

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