Be Natural

Here’s my original song “Be Natural”, in an intimate acoustic vibe. This song was first recorded by The Blue Heathens Jazz Band, which I was a founder member of, on their debut album. It’s a kind of philosophical tune, the lyrics are quite self explanatory .. :

Well back in the eighties I got my fingers burned
Here in the nineties, I’m touching what I’ve earned
Be Natural, that’s the lesson that I’ve learned

Well, I’ve had good love, to make me want to shout
And I’ve been lonely, know what jilted’s all about
Be Natural, in the end the truth will out

Save the time that faking takes up
No appearances to keep
Nice façades will surely break up
In the mirror, before you go to sleep

They got an old saying ‘bout diamonds and girls
Nobody’s paying for counterfeited pearls
Be Natural, while this sad old world unfurls
Be Natural, while this sad old world unfurls

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