Mighty Flea Battery Guitar Amp

Back in 2017, I designed “The Mighty Flea” – a 20W battery guitar amplifier aimed mostly at acoustic jazz guitarists, and built a couple of prototypes. I used to go to gypsy jazz festivals a lot, and I thought it…

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The MASSCOT Guitar Preamp Compressor Overdrive EQ

the MASSCOT guitar and bass preamp

MASSCOT stands for Massive Analogue Sound Shaper – Compressor, Overdrive, Tone. It’s a guitar preamp, overdrive, optical compressor and EQ that creates a full, warm sound, as you will only get with top quality analogue circuitry. At the heart of…

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Giving An Analogue Mixing Console Some Love

Soundtracs PC Midi Audio Mixing Console

This lovely analogue mixing console, a Soundtracs PC-MIDI 24 track, was fully restored, and then purchased by a well known Electronic Dance Music producer based in Amsterdam. An audio mixing console like this can be a great value investment for…

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How To Build An Audio Test Bench

an audio test bench

To work on audio electronics, you need some audio test equipment. In this article I discuss what you need and how much you need to spend on it. This audio test bench served me really well, and I still use…

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KEF PSW2000 Subwoofer Repair

UPDATE Because of the number of issues I have seen with the KEF PSW2000 subwoofer, I am no longer accepting repair jobs on them. The mechanical construction makes them awkward to work on, and they seem to have just too…

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Rebuild Of An Audio Mixer Power Supply

An audio mixer power supply

This mixer power supply belongs to a Soundcraft Delta 200 desk which I restored. It is pretty old. On first inspection the output voltages were correct, the only problem was that the mains transformer made an annoying buzzing sound. Looking…

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