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Clarinet Swing

“... definitely lives up to its title ... tasty and easy to enjoy ... recommended.” (Scott Yanow, LA Jazz Scene, May 2012) Read full review

“McBrearty’s unforced, dreamy, liquid clarinet is pure delight. It’ll make you glad that he returned to the music he always loved.” (George Fendel, Jazz Society of Oregon, Sept 2012) Read full review

“... imbued with an easy charm that quickly captivates the listener.” (Ian Mann “The Jazz Mann” July 2012) Read full review

Daniel’s jazz clarinet album features a mix of classic standards and well-honed originals. Recorded in two days in 2011 with a great Belgian rhythm section, Dirk Van Der Linden on piano and Jean Van Lint on bass, the CD was inspired by a visit to New Orleans in 2011, and bears the hallmarks of melodic, swinging jazz. Critical acclaim and solid airplay was the result.

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Clarinet Swing CD
Clarinet Swing

The Udhav Shinde Trio

“... reinvigorates music’s power to communicate across all barriers humanity places in front of itself.” (Lazaro Vega, Jazz Director, Blue Lake Public Radio)

Daniel meets a master percussionist from India and a vocalist with a fascination for both Western and Indian classical music. Together they perform extended improvisations and traditional Marathi devotional songs. The result is a joyous synergy that celebrates the rhythms and melodies of three continents.

The CD was recorded live in Antwerp over two evenings in November and December 2003 in front of an invited audience.

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Udhav Shinde Trio CD
The Udhav Shinde Trio - The Udhav Shinde Trio


“... a superbly recorded and compiled CD, with fine playing from Dan on sax ...” (Demo Doctor, Sound On Sound Magazine, Sept 1995)

... testament to what can be achieved when you get a bunch of superb musicians together ... very smooth alto sax ...(Chris Kempster, Home and Studio Recording, May 1994)

Daniel’s debut CD was released in 1994. With four original compositions, recorded and produced in his home studio, he used a combination of sequenced backings and some of London’s finest musicians on the funk and soul scene to achieve a wonderfully musical sound. Heavily influenced by the Brit-soul sound of that time, this was a debut to be proud of.

DanMcB - Daniel McBrearty