Reviews for “Clarinet Swing” (2011)

George Fendel, Jazz Society Of Oregon

George Fendel reviews Clarinet Swing

“McBrearty’s unforced, dreamy, liquid clarinet is pure delight. It’ll make you glad that he returned to the music he always loved.” Thank you so much, George. Hopefully I’ll make it to Oregon one day to play some tunes. Original review, hi-res image.

Ian Mann, The Jazz Mann

Ian Mann reviews Clarinet Swing

Ian gave the album a long and very thoughtful review, and had great things to say : “an unpretentious and highly enjoyable album with some excellent playing from all three musicians involved. For what is presumably a self released recording it also has a very good, clear sound ... dips into a variety of jazz genres while retaining an essential New Orleans sound and although the style is rather less modern than my usual listening I was pleasantly surprised at just how much I enjoyed this album.” Review at Ian’s site, or hi-res image here.

Scott Yanow, LA Jazz Scene

Scott Yanow reviews Clarinet Swing

Scott is a prolific and respected reviewer. I appreciated his compimentary comments on our work and my clarinet style in May 2012 : “... this intimate session ... tasty and easy to enjoy ... recommended set.” The original review is no longer online, but his site is here.

John Book, This Is Book’s Music

This Is Books reviews Clarinet Swing

“... if you love your jazz to swing or simply love music played sharply, pick this up.” - thank you, John Book!

Link to original or hi-res image.

LMNOP Magazine

LMNOP Mag reviews Clarinet Swing

“These fresh, vibrant, melodic tracks are ultimately inspired and friendly ... This talented man must surely be on the right path this time around. You can tell by the playing on these recordings that this man loves what he does.” Thank you, what a well-considered review. It seems you understand what I am about. Original review, hi-res image.

Brent Black, Critical Jazz

Critical Jazz reviews Clarinet Swing

Brent called the album “A stellar recording in every way”. Read the full review here or here (hi-res image).

Chris Spector, Midwest Records

Chris Spector reviews Clarinet Swing

Chris says : “A Welshman living in Belgium visits Nawlins, falls in love with old jazz all over again, goes home, calls a couple of pals and they knock out a set of mellow whorehouse jazz that would be right at home in a Woody Allen pic from the first time around.” OK Chris, you got it (grin). (link to original) (hi-res image).

Maxwell Chandler

Maxwell Chandler reviews Clarinet Swing

Maxwell wrote a nice review entitled “Happening Now And Yesterday” at his blog. You can find it here or here (hi-res image).

Tim Taylor at “Audiophile Audition”

Audiophile Audition reviews Clarinet Swing

Tim must be quite an old chap : “... sort of takes me back to the later 40’s of listening to the music on radio as a child ...”! Full review at Audiophile Audition is here or hi-res image is here.


Sitting in with Branford Marsalis Quartet in 2004, in Belgium, along with Jef Neve and Robin Verheyen. (Picture courtesy of De Morgen.)

Daniel McBrearty sitting in with Branford Marsalis

I have always felt that I was exceptionally lucky to have grown up when and where I did, and to have received a good basic musical education as an ordinary part of my schooling. In particular, Jofre Swales was instrumental (forgive the pun) in encouraging and supporting my early efforts. This is a letter that I wrote to the Western Telegraph, our local paper back home, in 1994.

Daniel McBrearty letter about Jofre Swales

Reviews of debut CD “DanMcB” (1996)

A very long time ago, with the help of many friends, I recorded four original tunes, playing alto sax and other instruments on them myself. Here are reviews of those recordings, from magazines The Mix and Home and Studio Recording, and the West Wales Guardian.

Sound On Sound review of DanMcB Home and Studio Recording review of DanMcB West Wales Guardian review of DanMcB