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Current Projects

The Moochers : six piece swing jazz group

Blue Heathens Jazz Collective : New Orleans and Chicago style jazz

Old Projects

Ilias Scotch / DanMcB Quartet : blues and jazz

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The “End Plastic Packaging Insanity” Petition

This is a an Avvaz petition that I started which attempts to exert pressure on one of Belgium’s largest supermarket chains about the environmental polutions caused by plastic packaging. The petition has grown steadily to about 3000 signatures at the time of writing this. You can find it here (link takes you to Avaaz website).

More about why I think that this is an important and worthwhile effort here.

Music CV

You can download it here (pdf file).

Audio Electronics

I like to work on audio electronics projects sometimes (after all, this was my main profession from about 1985 to 2000 or so). Whatever I have put online about this is here. Also any other techy type info.

Web Radio

When I want to listen to good jazz, get surprised by great tunes I didn’t know about, and not have to get up to choose another album, I tune into