Daniel McBrearty

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Record Tracklist

  1. Madame Koto’s Dance -:-- / 0:57
  2. Green Shoots Blues -:-- / 1:01
  3. Falling -:-- / 1:14

This, my 1994 debut CD, was recorded and mixed on my track home studio in my spare room in South London.

I wrote, arranged, produced and engineered the whole thing, including the now rather dated drum programming! A number of friends helped me on this record:

  • Rudo (vocals – she was the sister of my girlfriend at the time).
  • Mark Anderson (bass guitar)
  • Chris Newland (electric guitar)
  • Steve Kelly (keyboards)
  • Robert Anderson (percussion)

With hindsight, live drums and mastering would have helped, but it was all done on a budget and I think it came out quite well. It got some nice reviews and a bit of airplay, so no complaints! A great learning experience for me.

“… a superbly recorded and compiled CD, with fine playing from Dan on sax …” (Demo Doctor, Sound On Sound Magazine, Sept 1995)

“… testament to what can be achieved when you get a bunch of superb musicians together … very smooth alto sax …” (Chris Kempster, Home and Studio Recording, May 1994)

(For the gear heads – the recording was made using a Fostex 1/4″ 8 track, a Soundcraft 200B desk, and various other gear including an Atari sequencer, synced to tape. I mixed to DAT. The only mic I had was an SM58. I played a Selmer Super 80 alto on this.)

  1. Poor Butterfly Daniel McBrearty / Dirk Van Den Linden / Jean Van Lint 1:26
  2. Let's Fall Out Of Love (comp/arr McBrearty) The Blue Heathens Jazz Band 1:20
  3. A Swing For Paolo (comp/arr McBrearty) Daniel McBrearty / Dirk Van Den Linden / Jean Van Lint 1:02
  4. The Twice Nothing Rag (comp/arr McBrearty) The Blue Heathens Jazz Band 1:08
  5. Streams Udhav Shinde Trio 0:37