Clarinet Swing

Daniel McBrearty

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Record Tracklist

  1. Poor Butterfly -:-- / 1:26
  2. A Swing For Paolo -:-- / 1:02
  3. Vikanda -:-- / 1:32
  4. Jitterbug Waltz -:-- / 1:32
  5. Body And Soul -:-- / 1:32
  6. March Of The Bluestones -:-- / 1:36

I made “Clarinet Swing” a year or so after visiting New Orleans for the first time. It marks the inspiration and motivation that that visit gave me, to concentrate on jazz clarinet. I found two wonderful musicians, Dirk Van der Linden (piano), and Jean Van Lint (bass), both of whom played their hearts out over two intense afternoons in South Side Studio, Antwerp.

As well as some well known standards, there are three original compositions on here. They are all tributes to departed people who I missed. March Of The Bluestones is dedicated to my father, Jim McBrearty, who has always been a huge inspiration to me. (Those who knew him will get the “Bluestones” reference.) A Swing For Paolo is for Paolo Radoni, a Belgian jazz guitarist who became my good friend and mentor. Vikanda was written some years before, but I decided to dedicate it to a friend who lost her life to cancer, around the time the record was made.

The record got quite a few good reviews. Although I know that my playing has developed a fair bit since it was made, I am proud of what we achieved with “Clarinet Swing”.

  1. Poor Butterfly Daniel McBrearty / Dirk Van Den Linden / Jean Van Lint 1:26
  2. Let's Fall Out Of Love (comp/arr McBrearty) The Blue Heathens Jazz Band 1:20
  3. A Swing For Paolo (comp/arr McBrearty) Daniel McBrearty / Dirk Van Den Linden / Jean Van Lint 1:02
  4. The Twice Nothing Rag (comp/arr McBrearty) The Blue Heathens Jazz Band 1:08
  5. Streams Udhav Shinde Trio 0:37