Daniel McBrearty – Composer, Lyricist, Arranger

I write and arrange instrumental and vocal music, in a variety of styles. Here is a selection of my work. Please have a listen!

Instrumental Music
Vocal Music

Everything here is 100% my own composition, words and music. I am not currently affiliated with any music publisher or other entity, so I own all publishing rights on every song (except one, Vinnie's Song).  Enquiries for commercial use are welcome - please reach me using the Contact page.

Commissions for new compositions or arrangements also welcome.

The Twice Nothing Rag (trad jazz)

I wrote "The Twice Nothing Rag" a few years back while on holiday on Marrakesh. There was a piano in the hotel, and I often found it hard to sleep at night. (I'm quite a nocturnal person.) I arranged it for The Blue Heathens Jazz Band. Angelito Perez plays trumpet here, I'm on clarinet, and Loes Minnebo plays trombone.

A Swing For Paolo (swing / bebop)

"A Swing For Paolo" is dedicated to my much-missed friend, guitarist Paolo Radoni. It was released on my "Clarinet Swing" album in 2011. Dirk Van Der Linden on piano, Jean Van Lint on bass.

Vikanda (jazz blues)

Originally called "Ballad For This World", this bluesy clarinet tune was on my "Clarinet Swing" CD. I re-titled it "Vikanda" after a lovely friend who tragically passed away the year the CD was recorded.

Madame Kotos Dance (pop-jazz)

"Madame Koto's Dance" was written after reading Ben Okri's "The Famished Road" . Christopher Newland played guitar on this track, I am on alto sax (also lots of drum programming and so on), and Robert "Skinz" Anderson provided percussion.

Green Shoots Blues (pop-jazz)

A 3/4 minor key tune with a mellow feel, from my debut CD "Dan McB". Chris Newland on guitar, Robert Anderson percussion, steve Kelly on keys. Me on alto sax and programming.

Meeting Bill From Seattle In Ennis (folk)

I used to spend a lot of time hacking about on guitar. I really love the celtic fingerstyle stuff that people like Duck Baker and others do so well. The title of this song came from meeting a guy called, well, Bill, who came from Seattle, in the youth hostel in Ennis, County Clare,  in Ireland. He showed me a guitar tuning called DADGAD which I fell in love with, and which led to this tune.

Be Natural (50s style jazz ballad)

"Be Natural" is a a smoky, 50's style ballad about the virtues of being honest. I wrote it sometime in the 1990's, and arranged it for the Blue Heathens Jazz Band debut album in 2015. Vocals are by Hanne Peetermans, I am on tenor sax, Angelito Perez on trumpet.

Lets Fall Out Of Love (pop-jazz)

"Let's Fall Out Of Love" is a cheerful, medium tempo song about coming to the end of a love affair with no hard feelings. My words, music and arrangement, performed by the Blue Heathens (same line up as for "Be Natural").

Beautiful Aliens (pop-rock)

"Beautiful Aliens" is a song with a pop-rock feel, about wanting to escape loneliness and isolation. I used to perform this as part of my singer-songwriter set. I'm on guitar and vocals, Breno Viricimo on bass, Johan Van Campenhout on drums.

Lay Down My Troubles (pop-soul)

Inspired by the great Peter Green. Words and music, all instruments and vocals by me.

Claudia (singer-songwriter)

This song was always went down well when I did my singer-songwriter set. I still perform it occasionally with my jazz quartet, though we change to more of a swing feel.

Vinnie’s Song (singer-songwriter)

An edgy song about a guy who flies warplanes for a living, and why he does it. Backing vocals by Sean Dhondt. This song is currently published through Suntable Music. 

Find Out For Yourself (acid jazz)

An upbeat, acid-jazz style song, "Find Out For Yourself" is all about being mentally independent. It was recorded in my home studio in London, around 1996.  Asha P did the vocals. Words, music, saxophone and programming by me.

Licensing Enquiries

Thanks for listening to this selection of my work. Did you hear something you like? Please get in contact and let's  have a chat.

  1. Where The Dirty River Flows (live)
  2. Poor Butterfly (from Clarinet Swing) Daniel McBrearty / Dirk Van Den Linden / Jean Van Lint 1:26
  3. Uncle Belly's Leaning Shed (live)
  4. Let's Fall Out Of Love (with Blue Heathens Jazz Band) The Blue Heathens Jazz Band 1:20
  5. A Swing For Paolo (from Clarinet Swing) Daniel McBrearty / Dirk Van Den Linden / Jean Van Lint 1:02
  6. The Twice Nothing Rag (with Blue Heathens Jazz Band) The Blue Heathens Jazz Band 1:08
  7. Streams (with Udhav Shinde Trio) Udhav Shinde Trio 0:37