Born in West Wales in 1964, Daniel is the son of artist and sculptor Jim McBrearty. He began playing clarinet at school, and then tenor saxophone, and became fascinated by jazz at the age of 14.

He pursued a career in electronics engineering, starting in the Royal Air Force, and later as a freelance designer for Royal Opera House in London. He was active in numerous bands in the UK, and explored music of many genres, from soul, jazz, funk and reggae to traditional Irish and even Indian music. Although an autodidact, he holds a  Diploma in Arranging from Berklee College of Music.

In 2001 he moved from London to Antwerp, Belgium, and became active on the local jazz scene. Visits to New Orleans in 2011 and 1012 revitalised his early love of the clarinet. In Belgium, he co-led a quartet with pianist Ilias Scotch, and was a founder member of The Blue Heathens Jazz Band. He now performs regularly in Belgium and Europe with his group “The Moochers” and other artists.

He has performed at:

  • Jazz In Duketown (Den Bosch, NL)
  • Django Rheinhardt Festival (Tilburg, NL)
  • Festivalle (Sicily, IT)
  • Gypsy Festival (Lyon, FR)
  • Tenby Arts Festival (UK)

In addition to his jazz career,  he performed with guitar as a singer-songwriter. He has released a number of independent recordings (see Discography ).

Daniel speaks good Dutch and conversational French. He is divorced, and has two daughters, Beatrice and Anna. As well as being a musician, he has a small electronics consultancy (McBee Audio Labs), and runs a website and self-help group for victims of maternal abandonment.


  1. Poor Butterfly Daniel McBrearty / Dirk Van Den Linden / Jean Van Lint 1:26
  2. Let's Fall Out Of Love (comp/arr McBrearty) The Blue Heathens Jazz Band 1:20
  3. A Swing For Paolo (comp/arr McBrearty) Daniel McBrearty / Dirk Van Den Linden / Jean Van Lint 1:02
  4. The Twice Nothing Rag (comp/arr McBrearty) The Blue Heathens Jazz Band 1:08
  5. Streams Udhav Shinde Trio 0:37