Songs and arrangements


Producing, songwriting and arranging have always fascinated me. I don't see composing as being very different to improvising, except that you get the chance to go back and change your mind.

Whether I am recording or arranging, the objective is much the same : to give the music atmosphere and colour, and to keep the listener interested. And, always to “do what is right for the song”.

The Blue Heathens Jazz Band

I was a founder member of this talented young group of musicians, along with trumpeter Angelo Perez. I’m proud to have composed and arranged three tunes for their debut album, which came out in 2015. The wonderful singer is a young lady called Hanne Peetermans. Although I no longer play regularly with them, I love the spirit of this band. More details at The Blue Heathens Web Site.

The Moochers Theme

(click to play)

I wrote this tune for an earlier incarnation of my group The Moochers. I wanted to get away from the usual 16 or 32 bar song forms. This is a rough demo we made in early 2014. Antoine Marcel trumpet, Matthieu De Wit piano, Boris Schmidt bass, Didier van Uytvanck drums.

The Moochers website is here


One of the courses I took at Berklee was called “Contemporary Styles”. It involved creating grooves for a rhythm section based on various latin, pop and funk styles. I made these clips with Ableton, and played everything on them.


I have written quite a few songs over the years, here are a few demos.

Asha P

In the mid 1990s, I met a singer who went by the name of Asha P. We hit it off and recorded a few tunes together. (Unfortunately we since lost contact.) Percussion was kindly contributed by Dodo NKishi, except on “Taking The Train” (where it was me having fun with the little bongos).

Early experiments

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One of the very first tunes I ever recorded. This was written and recorded on a borrowed 4-track portastudio in my living room, in Luton, circa 1987. My friend Mark Anderson walked in with the bassline, I came up with the tune. Congas by Joel Hoyte. Me on soprano and electric piano.

Enjoy, and thanks for listening!