“His clarinet sound and style (is) fresh and personal ...” (Scott Yanow)

“McBrearty’s unforced, dreamy, liquid clarinet is pure delight.” (George Fendel)

Daniel McBrearty - jazz clarinet and saxophone

Back after a long break

The last year has been pretty quiet musically. Back in January 2018 I started suffering from tendonitis, which made playing saxophone and clarinet pretty difficult. Rather than risk making things worse, I decided that it was time to take a break. Since then I have done hardly solo concerts – my playing has been limited to a the odd function gig.

In the mean time, I have been singing quite a bit and working on some of my old singer-songwriter material. I did a live concert back in February which turned into a CD of 8 tracks. More here soon for that.

In the meantime – here is a video of one of my old original songs – Summer Love. Enjoy!

photo by Mario Janssens

Daniel by the river
Playing clarinet by the river

Some years ago, I was sat by the river in Antwerp, playing a little clarinet, when a nice guy called Mario Janssens came by and took a great picture. I think it was used on some tourist info for Antwerp City.

“In My Solitude

This was the last day of our quick tour of the UK – we were just out for a pint at a local pub and there was a folk session going on. We asked if we could play a tune and my mate Peter caught it on his phone.

A whole new web site!

Well, it's been a pretty intense few days of working at the computer, but I am happy to be launching a complete update of www.danmcb.com (and also everything that was on the old Moochers website).

The new site is based on WordPress, and is designed for musicians. That means that I will be able to add new content, like videos and articles, much more easily. I still have a few tweaks to do, and I will add put back the old video content in the next days (but it's all still on my youtube channel, which you can reach via the menu, top right).

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  1. Poor Butterfly Daniel McBrearty / Dirk Van Den Linden / Jean Van Lint 1:26
  2. Let's Fall Out Of Love (comp/arr McBrearty) The Blue Heathens Jazz Band 1:20
  3. A Swing For Paolo (comp/arr McBrearty) Daniel McBrearty / Dirk Van Den Linden / Jean Van Lint 1:02
  4. The Twice Nothing Rag (comp/arr McBrearty) The Blue Heathens Jazz Band 1:08
  5. Streams Udhav Shinde Trio 0:37